Marilyn, Janice and Anne attended the RYLA Camp dinner at Serpentine on a balmy January evening.  It was a great evening having the RYLA participants look after us and entertain us for the evening.  We were greeted at the entrance to the camp by the participants and shown to our parking bay then given a drink each. Raffle tickets were available to buy to support the camp.  The campers all came up to us and introduced themselves and engaged us in conversation to make sure we were comfortable.  We were then shown to our seats in a large hall decorated in a jungle theme by the participants which was the theme for the camp.  The meal was a roast dinner with chocolate pudding served by the campers all in their assortment of jungle outfits.  After dinner they played a space jump game on stage to entertain us that had us all in fits of laugher.  Followed by a jungle adventure with campers dressed as animals in very creative costumes.  It was a long drive but well worth the travel and I urge other members of the committee to try and attend in the future.