Bali's Lack of Tourist is its Biggest Threat
Mark Savage (President Rotary Club of Canggu Bali) described the current situation in Bali, that Covid-19 was no longer the biggest threat to the survival of the people, as each village had basically gone into lockdown and overseen by the Banjar of the community, had strict rules in pace, especially if someone became sick.  However food and lack of income were the two biggest threats to the population as there are no international flights in or out of Bali and therefore no tourism, and tourism accounts for 80% of Bali's income.
There's no Social Security in Bali and so no jobs equals no income.  Many of the villagers who went to Kuta looking for work have now come home, and the villagers have not always been that welcoming to them.  Many of those with Covid-19 have come from the crew of cruise shops who have now come home. The Rotary Club of Canggu identified villages most in need, and then gave them enough food for a week.  So far the Rotary Club of Canggu has supplies 800 family groups with food parcels which are made up in Mark's office in Seminyak, and people come in and are given a bag of food, packed by Rotarians along with a carton of eggs.  These cost about $10 each, and are just one-offs for the family.
In the spirit of helping the Rotary Club of Bali Canggu, the Rotary Club of Melville organised a breakfast to raise fund for the Balinese food parcels, it is with much thanks from the 22 people who attended Charles and Margaret’s house. Despite the ongoing deliberations about the threatening weather, everybody enjoyed a hearty breakfast, well prepared by Margaret, assisted by Lyn, and magnificently cooked by President Elect Charles and President David. Our heartfelt thanks to the Watertons and their efforts which raised in excess of $1,000 to assist in food in Bali.