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Every year in June the Rotary Clubs of Melville and Applecross get together to put on an Art Show at the Westfield Booragoon Shopping Centre. The aim of the show is to:


"To encourage Artists and afford them the opportunity to exhibit their works to the public."


2024 Rotary Art Show and Sale

Join us for the 49th annual Rotary Art Show and Sale, proudly presented by the Melville and Applecross Rotary Clubs. This will take place from June 10th to June 16th, 2024, at Westfield Booragoon, offering a vibrant showcase of local talent and creativity.

This year, we continue the tradition of providing a significant platform for artists from the Perth region, with an expected display of over 400 paintings from around 150 artists. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of artworks, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a world of colour, texture, and form.

Artists deliver their paintings on the evening of June 9th. This timing ensures that everything is set up perfectly for the exhibition's opening. The Rotary Art Show and Sale benefits greatly from the collective efforts of dedicated volunteers from the Melville and Applecross Rotary clubs. These volunteers meticulously register each piece of artwork and hang the paintings with the utmost care, ensuring that every artist's work is presented in the best possible light.

This process is a testament to the community spirit and the collaborative approach that defines the Rotary Art Show and Sale, highlighting the commitment to both the artists and the attendees.

As always, the event's success is a collective effort. We are deeply thankful to our volunteers and the artistic community for their invaluable contributions. Our gratitude also extends to our sponsors, Prime Packaging and JTMi Services, whose support plays a crucial role in bringing this event to life.

The event not only celebrates the rich tapestry of local art but also contributes to community projects through the proceeds. We invite art enthusiasts and the general public to join us in this cultural highlight, supporting local artists and the charitable endeavours of the Rotary Clubs.

We eagerly anticipate your presence and support at this year's exhibition, where art and community spirit come together.

Rotary Art Market

What is the Rotary Art Market?

The Rotary Art Market is an online platform created by Melville Rotary that promotes and supports local artists. It offers a wide variety of artworks, all available for purchase. The market aims to make art accessible and affordable while supporting the local art community. As a non-profit initiative, it also contributes to various charitable causes through Rotary from sales. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work, reach a broader audience, and connect with art enthusiasts.

How is this involved in The Rotary Art Show and Sale?

This year artists who have exhibited in The Rotary Art Show and Sale in Westfield Booragood will be able to exhibit online. This continues the efforts of Rotary to encourage Artists and afford them the opportunity to exhibit their works to the public.


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The dates for the 2023 Rotary Art Show and Sale will be
June 10 - 16 2024


The Rotary Art Show and Sale, a highly-anticipated event for art enthusiasts, is currently seeking sponsors. The event, hosted by the Melville and Applecross Rotary clubs, provides a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work and for visitors to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Sponsorship of the event would not only support the Rotary clubs' charitable initiatives but also provide excellent exposure for businesses looking to connect with art lovers and the local community. Those interested in sponsoring the event can contact the Rotary Art Show and Sale organizers to learn more about the available opportunities.
This year we thank JTMi Services, Art Marx Gallery and Prime Packaging for their support.
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