1. Deborah Regal serving a student                                                                                                       
  2.  O.T Lee and  student helper                                                                                                                         
  3. Student helping themselves to breakfast
The Rotary Club of Melville Youth Committee Supports the North Lake Senior Campus Breakfast Club.
North Lake Senior Campus Breakfast Club has been running at the school for over thirty years.  It is currently run by the Chaplain Deborah Regal ably supported by O.T. Lee.  O.T. is a Maths teacher who has been supporting the Breakfast Club for over thirty years.  The school has a diversified collection of students from all over the Metropolitan area.  These students are aged over 16 years and do not fit into the main stream schooling.  The school also caters for students who have just arrived in Australia and need to learn English so they can get into mainstream schooling.  Many of the students leave home very early or come from homes were breakfast is not available so this is were the Breakfast Club is very important to the them.